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i bądź na bieżąco z ekscytującymi produktami Medere


It is very important to me to complete the aesthetic treatment by cosmetics and procedures with a proper diet. But as a conscious woman I know that nowadays it is not easy at all. Because of stress, numerous duties, work, polluted air etc. we have to look for support. And MedereLab is a perfect match for this pattern. The supplements are developed for women who know what they want. They are conscious about the self-care, but they also want to be active for their physical and mental health. The treatment from MedereLab combined with a proper care gives excellent results and I am the best example of it. I very quickly noticed the positive aspects of supplementation. My skin became more gleaming, my hair stopped falling out, I sleep better and I can work more efficiently. I felt very well during the three months of taking supplements and now I can recommend this solution to everybody. This is an excellent, innovative product on the Polish market. It consists of many plant-based extracts, vitamins and another active substances that influence our health and looks.

This kind of healthy diet supplementation opens a new chapter for the holistic approach to beauty and the way to good health and exceptional looks. Everything in life has its beginning and end, so enjoy your mature age. I decided to recommend the Anti Aging programme to my clients.

I am about to start testing ANTI-AGING Formula with pleasure.

I have noticed that it not only improves my mood, but also provides a better moisture level of skin and my hair is less likely to fall out. I do recommend it!”

The supplementation programme of Medere means more than excellent products. It is a philosophy of life and holistic approach to a human. For the first time I have met products that stand out on the market by their exceptional composition. I use and recommend them.

I believe that a proper diet and high-quality supplementation are an essential addition to aesthetic surgery. The supplementation formulas from Medere Laboratories are innovative products, newly launched on the Polish market, applied for the comprehensive anti-aging prophylaxis. I recommend them to my patients as a complement to aesthetic treatment.

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