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26 May 2020

Is there a way to longevity? Meet the best-researched “elixir of youth”

Can Man Live Forever? Has the divine elixir of youth always been within our reach? David Sinclair, a molecular biologist at Harvard Medical School, is sure you will. He gives resveratrol as a solution . What is he and how can he help us ?

The remarkable properties of resveratrol have been known since antiquity. It was supposed not only to support the cardiovascular system, but also to become a remedy for the passing of time.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol that occurs naturally in the skins of red grapes, blueberries, eucalyptus and peanuts. This substance is also used in industry and is one of the food additives. Depending on the method of obtaining, the trans- and cisresveratrol form are distinguished. The first type is the one that occurs naturally in the fruit, while the yew form is produced by the fermentation of grape skins.

Resveratrol is one of the most studied “elixir of youth”. Its antioxidant power is almost four times greater than that of vitamins E and C.

It is this information that made resveratrol one of the key ingredients in the Long Good Life anti-aging treatment . We included it in our rich composition, in the maximum safe dose. You can read more about the effects of our anti-aging formula << HERE >>

While it might seem that supplying this valuable substance in the form of alcohol does more harm than good, the opposite is true. In support of this thesis, we will take you for a moment to countries located in the Mediterranean basin.

Despite the fact that the local diet is rich in saturated fat and wine, the proportion of people suffering from cardiovascular disease is almost half that of other countries. This is because the resveratrol contained in wine inhibits the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids , while slowing down the aggregation of platelets, i.e. the formation of deposits that clog the arteries.

Almost simultaneously with the reports on resveratrol’s beneficial effects on the circulatory system, evidence appeared about its ability to delay the aging process . Renowned scientist, Professor David Sinlcair from the UNSW School of Medical Sciences and Harvard Medical School in Boston, conducted a study to determine whether this preparation can extend life .

The experiment was carried out on animals – flies, mice; and yeast cells. His result turned out to be surprising. In animals given resveratrol, the walls of the aorta were strengthened and made more flexible, a significant improvement in motor coordination was observed, and cholesterol was lowered . The scientists’ attention was drawn to one of the metabolic products – NAD+, i.e. the oxidized form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Studies in mice have shown that administration of the precursor of this molecule (NMN) makes the cells of animals younger .

Interestingly, even NASA became interested in the results of the research. The discovery of Professor Sinclair’s team could help the organization protect cosmonauts on a trip to Mars from the damaging effects of cosmic rays. It also has the potential to develop new drugs for cancer . Currently, work is underway to administer NMN in the form of a drug.

I don’t think we need to convince you any longer that no one has come close to discovering a safe and effective rejuvenating drug before . If the tests are successful, the drug could hit the market within 3-5 years. Sinclair himself declared it.

As you can see: resveratrol supplementation has a lot of health benefits, in addition to heart-protective properties, it can help heal cancer, prevent blood vessel growth, protect against Alzheimer’s disease by improving blood flow to the brain, which in turn improves memory and overall mental performance. Proper supplementation also allows you to maintain proper hormonal balance and, as a strong antioxidant, visibly slows down the effects of aging.

When deciding to supplement with resveratrol, it is worth paying attention to those supplements that contain its maximum, but what is important – a safe dose .

The ANTI-AGING formula by MedereLab is an innovative preparation on the market. The 90-day supplementation program contains carefully selected, harmonizing active ingredients. In addition to resveratrol, you will find, among others, lethargy and membranous astragalus, which have a proven anti-aging effect, positively influencing the current and future health condition.

More information about this formula can be found << HERE >>

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