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Medere Foundation was founded on the initiative of Medere Laboratories.

On the one hand we can observe the cult of youth gaining popularity with the modern societies, the global phenomenon of rising life expectancy, continuous development of science, medicine, growing interest in natural medicine, numerous reports about research on longevity and slowing down the aging processes. But on the other hand continuous development of civilisation aids the domination of unhealthy lifestyle leading to civilisation diseases and increased pace of life which leaves less time for sleep and recovery; bad eating habits, poor quality of processed food offered on the mass market, limited physical activity and insufficient self-care as a result of lacking knowledge or ignoring the influence of unhealthy habits, beliefs and choices on the future condition are the main factors that encouraged us to take action.

We want to help people be more conscious and educated. Each of us would like to live a long, good and satisfying life. But not everyone does the right thing to become successful.
Due to concepts of successful aging, healthy aging and better aging that are gaining popularity in the Western world the activity of Medere Foundation is focused on the promotion of healthy life style, healthy eating habits and preventive healthcare.

We want to popularise the M’philosophy that is a philosophy of holistic self-care including both body and mind. This approach assumes that youth is a state of mind, your acceptance of the passing time and yourself being maturer, wiser und more experienced connected with the physical and intellectual activity, proper relaxation, paying attention to emotional balance, personal passions and kindly people around us. This is the key to ‘successful aging’.

We want that living a conscious and healthy life gives you an optimum satisfaction without being concern about health problems, lack of physical and intellectual activity, lowered vitality or joy of life.

We know that the process of our aging mostly depends on ourselves, our decisions, approach to life and habits. The earlier we get the knowledge, the bigger is the chance of becoming successful.
We want to speak out and say that it is never too early or too late for good changes in our life and they always have a positive impact on our body. As a result, our activity is aimed at both young and old.

We want to promote the knowledge about how to enjoy life, keep life satisfaction, stay healthy and keep physical and intellectual activity as well as how to maintain social ties and live a long and satisfying life.

Our activity is aimed at improving the quality of human life, because a more conscious, healthier and physically fitter population generates enormous profits for both individuals and whole societies reducing the costs of healthcare and increasing the productivity and efficiency.

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